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Our Growth University training breaks down the simple step-by-step processes you need to achieve your first leadership rank. You will also learn what daily activities are needed to make your business grow big, and how to leverage duplication strategies throughout your groups, so you can run your business just like the 6 figure earners do.

Hold nothing back.

The best that can happen will depend upon you.

You have full potential just as you are. Don't take your potential to the grave—use it! This training site offers what you need to become an IMMERI success story fast. Success in life and business is about learning how to play the game, getting involved, and never quitting.

— Dr. Queen Komoda., V.P. IMMERI, International

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Learning is a continuous process.

It is not attained by chance but attended with diligence. On this website, we provide trainings to make you a professional in the direct selling industry and excel in life. Start learning today and cherish the opportunity to be successful in life.

— Dr. Kan Kok Ming, i-Growth University Director - Southeast Asia

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